The Club offers the services of a Pro grade Tennis Coach.

Limited subsidised coaching is available for people who join the Club with the aim of becoming a Full Member, those groups listed hereunder.
  • Non players who join as Associate Members can have half the coaching fee paid by the club for up to five lessons.
  • Players who aim to become Full Members ,having joined the Associates, can have half the coaching fee paid by the Club for up to 5 lessons.
For both the above categories the amount required to be paid by the Club members is currently £5.00 per hour.

Adult practice and improver classes can be arranged directly through the Coach on an individual or group basis. These costs will be met by the individuals concerned. On a group basis, costs can be shared depending on the numbers involved. To telephone the Coach, Alistair Pells, please contact 07708 186083.

Regular classes are held for Juniors on Saturday mornings where play and coaching is available. Membership is open for young people up to the age of 16 years and having attained this age a Junior player may then apply for Full or Associate membership of the club, depending on their ability.

The Membership Secretary will supply any further details if required. Telephone numbers and email addresses can be found on the Contact Us page.