About the Club

The Club is a friendly Club with members of all ages and abilities. Founded in 1892, Bexhill Tennis Club is the oldest surviving Tennis Club in town. The Club has the use of outside courts in Egerton Park with a Clubhouse adjoining them. Membership is open to all and play is throughout the whole year.

To enrol in the Club or seek further information, contact the Membership Secretary to arrange for someone to meet you at the Clubhouse at a convenient date and time. This can be arranged by telephone or email. Details are included on the Contact Us page.

The Club caters for Juniors up to 16 years of age, Associate Members, who may be novices or older members who require a less strenuous game or those who feel their ability is more suited to gentler activity. Full Members are those who have progressed to a level which is a little more strenuous and competitive.

Membership is more comprehensively covered in this Web Site under the appropriate section.

The Club is a member of the Community Amateur Sports Clubs No. 00897.

Bexhill Tennis Club Officers 2021/2022:

 Chairman  - David Rees
 Club Secretary  - Debbie Wilkins
 Treasurer  - David Gillespie
 Membership Secretary  - Marlo Broeffel
 Tournament Secretary  - Ray Beard
Committee Member -Myra Wood
 Committee Member  -Richard Carroll
Associate Representative-Graham Stanley